I have gotten a few emails about if I will be posting on this blog anymore.

The answer is no….I won’t post on this wordpress blog anymore, I am leaving it up until I can transfer all the links to my patterns and contact the people who have links to my patterns.

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I am switching my blog over to blogger, my family blog is on there and I just enjoy that platform so much more.  I am working on transferring all my posts over there.  I will still keep what is up on this blog up for a time so if you are working from one of my patterns don’t worry! 🙂  Hopefully sometime soon I will get onto Ravelry and Etsy and such to add the new links. 🙂


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This morning we were out doing our early morning running around and since we were done early Victoria and I decided to treat ourselves to a stop at one of our favorite thrift stores near our house.  Its not a huge shop, but I always find great little pieces for the home for really good prices without the high mark ups.  I love thrift store shopping with Victoria, she is getting really good at picking out pieces to show me that she knows I will like.  I guess from all our thrifting she is picking up on the styles of stuff I like 😉

I got some great little mugs for tea for Victoria.

I love that these mugs are small and not too heavy.  They are perfect for a little one who loves to drink tea each morning with her breakfast. 🙂  The colors and the patterns on these really caught my eye while we were going through all the dishes and glasses.  They are in great condition too, it looks like they were hardly ever used at all, which is a shame because they are too cute not to use!  No worries, they will get plenty of use in our house. 🙂

My awesome new vintage apron, what a steal this one was, only three bucks! I love the pattern on this and the sweet look of the lace around the edges.  Just needs a wash and it will be ready to use.  Victoria added in the “pearls” to the photo, she said they would look good with the new apron. 😉

I got this awesome wooden hanger with some unique writing on it.  I will have to look up what language that is in.  This will become another jewelry display for a gift for my daughter for Valentines Day.  🙂  She has been saying she would really like one after I made a couple of them for gifts and such.  I was looking for a unique hanger for hers and I found it today.  I told her it was for a project but didn’t say what.  I can’t wait to see her face when she gets hers on the holiday.  🙂

If you find a hanger with that bottom piece that goes across, just unscrew it or cut it off and then you can use it for making your very own jewelry display.  For a tutorial for making a vintage inspired jewelry display out of a vintage hanger see my post here:


I have been on the hunt for vintage items for my kitchen, mixed bowls, baking dishes, and a pie plate to name a few.  Not only was I looking for a cute and functional piece, but I wanted a good price on it as well.  I found this awesome medium sized glass Pyrex mixing bowl today and fell in love.  I love the tinted glass and the adorable pattern on it, call me crazy but it makes me smile.   Its a happy bowl lol  🙂  This vintage bowl was a steal for 8 bucks.  I have seen similar sized ones going for $16 – $20 at other stores.

So this last piece today totally made my day.  I love, love, love it.  I love the edging, I love the carving in the middle, its beautiful.  This platter is solid silver and has a nice firm weight to it.  I saw it in a bin on a bottom shelf, the edges peaking out caught my eye.  I had Victoria pull it out for me since it was so low and we both looked at each other and smiled.  She knew after seeing it that I would love it.  Like I said, she is totally catching onto my tastes in vintage stuff, even though I am kinda all over the board lol 😉

I just need to polish this baby up and it will shine like it used to.  I don’t mind the subtle wear and tear, it gives it some great character.  I am torn though, with what to do with it.  Should I hang it on the wall for display, make it into a cake stand for birthday’s and holidays…..hmmmm.  Not sure what to do with it yet.  So many ideas going through my head.  I am just happy that I found it and that it came home with us.  Ready for the very best part about it?

Drum roll……..

This platter was marked for $4.00 and today they were having a sale with everything in the kitchen section being 50% off.  So I got this solid silver platter for $2.00 bucks.  Totally made my thrift shopping day right there!  🙂

I am hoping to go into the country area this weekend or next and visit some other thrift stores that I have not been too.  I love going to other towns to thrift, they have unique pieces in some areas that you won’t find in others so its fun.  My husband told me I am like a kid in a candy store when I am thrifting, I have to admit, he is spot on with that one. lol 🙂



Looming with Kids

Now that Victoria is getting older she is getting more interested in making things handmade for herself and her friends.  She loves making things for people she loves and then seeing their reaction to what she has done for them.  Its really quite adorable to me, and makes me happy that we have been able to pass on the love for handmade stuff to her.

I have tried to teach her how to crochet, but she is left handed and since I am right handed it makes it kinda hard to really show her what I am doing.  I am hoping once she is a little older it will make more sense to her when she sees me to it and she will be able to “flip” the motions in her head to suit her needs.

Over the summer we got her a kit with a few different looms in it for her to try out since crocheting was not working for her and she really wanted to do another yarn craft besides spool knitting.   I am so glad we got those for her because she loves working with them.  She made some things for her dolls and for herself to practice with and then this Christmas she worked hard to make many presents for people.

She made bracelets for family and friends, belts and headbands for family and friends as well as for her dolls {she said they needed holiday gifts as well 🙂 } and she made a wide bracelet/wristlet for me.  I love the wide one she did, she picked out one of my favorite shades out of my favorite organic yarn collection.  Its so soft!  I would love to have a whole sweater made out of that yarn. 🙂

Victoria picked out some vintage buttons out of my collection as well, she def. went all out to make this piece totally up my alley.  Its even more amazing since she made it all by herself. 🙂

If you have a little one or know a child who really wants to learn to crochet or knit and the motor skills just are not there yet, I highly recommend trying them out on a loom.  They are really easy to work with and there are some great beginner videos on youtube.  Victoria and I prefer the metal tools to pick up the yarn rather  than the plastic or wood ones, they just seem to work easier.  The easiest way I have found to end your piece is by using a crochet hook and then a yarn needle to weave in your ends.

Recently I have been finding Victoria working on her latest loom project when she has her TV time, she is making herself a pillow case.  For that project I am just going to wing it…..hopefully that will work lol  My plan is to have her do two rectangles that are the same size, and then I will just sew three sides together.  It seems simple, and hopefully its going to go as simple as I am seeing it in my head. 😉



When I think back to high school and learning the periodic table for science class it brings back bad memories of staying up way to late to study and using our teacher given cheat sheets to squeeze in as much information as possible.  I did okay on the test thanks to all my studying and good planning of the real estate on my cheat sheet 😉  But when I look back on it, it def. was not fun…..at all. lol

So when this unit rolled around for Victoria in Science class I was determined to make it fun for her and enjoyable.  The whole month of January is going to be focusing on Elements and Compounds in Science.  We already did a hunt around the house to find things off the periodic table that were in our every day items as an introduction to the subject, Victoria loved running around the house, looking at labels and items and trying to place them with things on the periodic table.  🙂

For this activity you will need:

The Periodic Table Elements with Style By Basher Books {Check out your local library for this one}

A good periodic table for references.  I got my printable here: {free}


A copy of the riddles we used, found here: {free}


When we started this unit, I had Victoria read the Periodic Table book first before we did anything else.  She loved the funny drawings and the way the elements were explained.  The days following her finishing this book were filled with her pointing out elements in our every day life with lots of excitement.  My plan for making the elements fun for her was def. working out! 🙂

I found the awesome periodic table printable while searching on Pinterest, I love that site! I have found some great homeschooling stuff on there.   The version I picked to use was the table with photos on it.  I thought that given her age, Victoria would be able to understand and relate better to that one.  They have two download versions, one with photos and one with words.  You can buy the poster sizes from their site as well.  I saved both to my computer for future use when she is in middle/high school science classes. Love free schooling printables!

The riddles I found on another site that has the riddle activity explained to you and offers the free riddle download.  There were a bunch more activities on that site that I want to check out.  Hoping to do a couple of those as well as the others I have planned this month.

Victoria went through and read the riddles, looked at her periodic table and then wrote in her answers.  As a review for each element that was an answer on the riddle activity, I had her re read that page in her book.   She had a blast doing this activity, I am so glad that I found it.  It was right up her alley because she loves jokes and riddles. 🙂

Victoria would read the question out loud and I would pretend like I didn’t know the answer.  The first photo in this group is of her saying “Its potassium Mom!!! Didn’t you know that?”  And then bursting into a laughing fit because she really thought I didn’t know that one.  Why yes dear daughter, I did know that.  What fun would it be and how much would you learn if I told you the answers before you figured it out? 😉

For other supplemental work we will be using:

Books from our local library

Resources I have here from my curriculum

Brainpop and Brainpop Jr.  {We love these sites!}

I hope everyone is having a good weekend….this next week dance starts back up and my weeks get busy again.  I enjoyed my two weeks off of dance/schooling but I am happy its starting back up because it brings my daughter such joy and happiness. ❤

True to my love affair with all things vintage and eco my husband and I made a jewelry display that takes both of my loves and puts them together into one awesome piece.  I was even able to add in a little crochet….if I was feeling better today I think I would have done a happy dance. 🙂

For this project you will need:

A wooden hanger

A drill with a small drill bit {a little smaller than the hooks that screw in}

A package of 7/8″ cup hooks {you won’t use them all}

A nail for hanging

 Pretty jewelry 😉

Any other embellishments you might like

With a pencil mark the spots on the hanger where you want your hooks to go.  We did ours about an inch apart and then left an inch and a half on each end.

Drill into your hanger about halfway through at the spots that you marked.

Screw in your cup hooks.

And you are finished! Its so totally easy 🙂

Photo done by Victoria, she thought it was so cool that the hooks made little hearts when put together. 🙂

I crocheted a flower and then sewed a vintage button in the middle.  I didn’t sew it super tight, I did it so that I could slip a nail underneath it.

Then I took the nail I was going to use to hang it and put it threw the middle of my flower by going under the button.  This hides your nail head fabulously. 🙂

I’m in love, its so simple and so me.  Vintage goodness, eco goodness via re~purposing, with some crochet and fun.  Love, Love, Love it! ❤

Its hanging in my bathroom {too keep the kitties away} and it just makes me smile.  I put some of my favorite piece on here to start with, I might make a second one because I have a lot of favorites.  The cameo that my husband found the charm and necklace for at different times and gave to me to make a special necklace, the awesome piece one of my BFF’s made me, vintage goodies from one of my favorite people {she is like a mom to me!} and then a few necklaces that I made.

I bought a bundle of hangers and have a few left over.  I was going to list them on my etsy store but thought I would put them for sale on my blog first.  If you’re interested in one of these jewelry displays, send me an email at createbellacreate{at}gmail{dot}com for details.   🙂

Other goodies from thrifting:

This cool piece needs to be cleaned up and treated with some oil to bring it back into a great condition.  Once we are done with that, it will go in our hall bath as a hanging storage cabinet.

Unique vintage storage for 20 bucks?  I’m thrilled! 🙂

Victoria even picked out a piece for her dolls.

This piece was really heavy! Real wood and not sure what the metal was, but it was heavy! Victoria fell in love with this at sight.  Since we got home today she has been using it for her Monster dolls and her American Girl dolls as well.  I love that Victoria loves to thrift shop for vintage goodies as much as me.  Although the place we went to today was very large and by the end she was tired.  But when I asked her if she wanted to go back she was quite keen to go. 🙂

The monster dolls, Victoria loves these things!    She must have a thing for this type of stuff because she also loves Abby on NCIS.  She thinks she is awesome. 🙂

Tomorrow I am going to do a post for homeschooling: The Periodic Table Activity

We had such a good time with this one, I think if I had projects like this in school growing up I might have enjoyed learning about the elements more. 🙂

During the day today I am going to be fiddling with the look of my blog.  I have a busy day with schooling so it will be off and on as I have time.  Thanks for your patience if things don’t look quite right. 🙂  The background image I just uploaded is from http://www.flowervector.com/free-vintage-floral-background-155.html#more-155

I love the whimsical feel of it. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday! I finished another cowl last night for a gift and I love it.  Hoping to get photos today so I can post it, weather and time permitting. 🙂

❤ Bella