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During the day today I am going to be fiddling with the look of my blog.  I have a busy day with schooling so it will be off and on as I have time.  Thanks for your patience if things don’t look quite right. 🙂  The background image I just uploaded is from

I love the whimsical feel of it. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday! I finished another cowl last night for a gift and I love it.  Hoping to get photos today so I can post it, weather and time permitting. 🙂

❤ Bella


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I love thrift store shopping…looking at all the vintage and retro pieces just makes me smile.  Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong time period because I love that stuff so much. 😉

Christmas weekend we saw lots of family and my wonderful Aunt showed me the cake stands she was making with vintage dishes.  They were adorable and so unique looking and I loved them as soon as I saw them.  This weekend when I went thrift store shopping I had that piece that she had made in the back of my mind.  While looking at all the goodies {and hoping to find unique pieces to make my own dish stands} I found this beauty:

I love the detail work and how unique this piece is.  I have seen things like this on the web and on pinterest while looking for vintage pieces and was so excited when I found a beauty of my own! 🙂

My luck continued because I found the perfect dishes to use to make my dish stands and unique pieces to use for the stand parts as well.  I was so excited to go home and make my dish stands ….the whole time we finished running around I was thinking about my dish stands and how they were going to look.  😉

What you need for this project:

Dishes {plates or bowls or even cups would work}

Sturdy pieces to use for your stands

E6000 Glue or similar Glue

Optional: Q ~ Tips for spreading the glue

Books to place onto your stand to hold the pieces together while they are drying.

Grab your plates and stands and lay them out on the table so you can decide how you want them to look.  I have three of  the same dishes this time around so I didn’t have to think much about it.  But if you have different dishes this is the time to place them on the stands and find that perfect fit.

The dishes I got have a nice flat area in the middle and they also have a  lip to keep things in.   For my stands I found two old school candle holders and another stand that was meant for candles.  My husband just took off the middle point piece that was meant to go into a candle to hold it steady on the holder.  If you see cool pieces always look to see if you can change something about the piece to make a new use for it. 🙂

Put your dish upside down.  Apply your glue to the edge of the piece{the part that will touch your dish when the dish is resting on it} you are using for your stand with a q~tip.

Place the stand onto the dish and use gentle pressure to push the stand to the dish.  Place a book or two {not to heavy because you don’t want to break your dish} onto the bottom of the stand to hold the two pieces together while the glue dries.

I didn’t take photos of this part because I didn’t want to risk getting that nasty glue on my camera. 😉

After you do all of your dishes and they are mostly dry.  Transfer them carefully to the garage, still upside down to dry.  The glue kinda smells so I like to let the pieces dry outside. 🙂

I can’t wait to give two of these as gifts.  I just love how they came out! 🙂

You can use them for so many things….

to hold your jewelry

to hold your sewing stuff while sewing

to hold your sponges by your sink

to hold a candle

so many possibilities!

I plan to use mine for my jewelry in the bathroom.  That way I can place my jewelry in there before cleaning up. You could also put it by your kitchen sink and place your jewelry in there before washing dishes to keep your jewelry nice and clean. 🙂

Hoping everyone has a wonderful new years weekend!

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I saw this tradition on a couple blogs that I read from moms in Aussie and fell in love with this idea.  We don’t usually wrap gifts in our house unless they are for people outside our family of three.  Even then I try and use bags that can be recycled or reused when gift giving.  So normally on Christmas morning our daughter would wake up and see her gifts stacked up in a neat pile waiting to be sorted through … husband and I waiting to hear squeals of delight.  🙂

This year we are starting a new tradition, using a Santa Sack as our holder for our daughter’s Christmas Gifts.

Victoria helped me sew this sack up….we made it extra big because she thought it would be super funny if she could fit inside it lol

All you have to do is sew a sack like you would a pillow case…its really easy to whip up. 🙂

I am planning on making a girly girl fun one for birthday gifts too.  I am hoping in starting this tradition with her that she will share it will her children one day.

I don’t want to go all eco on everyone on why we do what we do with not wrapping ….long story short:

We don’t feel comfortable with how much garbage is accumulated on Christmas with all the present opening and would rather not take part in that.  This Santa Sack is perfect because it allows for some fun and festiveness all with keeping our eco values in mind.  🙂

My cute little Christmas helper….or as she calls it, my Christmas elf lol 🙂

If you are a good sewer you could totally do this in under an hour…for someone like me who is just okay it took me a couple of hours but that is probably because of all the giggle parties Victoria and I were having and because I can’t bend over my sewing machine too long because of my back.

Hoping to inspire at least one person to make one of these for next year.

We can change the world and make a difference one person at a time.

Because that person can inspire someone …and so on and so on.

A chain of infections goodness!


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While we try and teach our daughter to think of things she is thankful for and happy about in her life often, November always is a reflection period for us as well.  I love to save the things that she writes that she is thankful for each year….even though she is only 8 right now things that she wrote about two years ago have changed slightly and they just keep getting cuter by the year. 🙂

I love the Thankful For trees that I see all over blogs these days and would love to make one.  But the kitty monster in our house has other plans. :O  lol

I wanted something that would be small and easy to store from year to year…also something that could be personalized as well.  So taking from that and some inspiration from my husband’s grandmother’s tradition this idea was created. 🙂

I gave my daughter a regular sized envelope and had her decorate it with a family photo drawing.  She also added in one of her favorite stamps of mine and some cute hearts. 🙂  I love the fact that she always gives herself heels ….so cute!

Each day we will each put in one card with one thing we are thankful for written on it.  We are officially starting this on the 9th but I thought I would share this cute and easy idea before the 15 days started.

I love this idea because it is not only is a drawing keepsake for my daughter but an cute and easy way to store our thankful cards each year.  Since I keep school samples each year in a file folder I just slip this envelope into that year.  I’m looking forward to the time when Sierra is older and I have 10 years of these envelopes with her drawings and our thankful thoughts each year to look back on.  It is going to be so sweet. 🙂

I love traditions that are fun, easy, and simple to do.  🙂

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So it always happens ….fall comes and I become addicted to a few…okay maybe a couple more than a few shows. 😉

I have my regular favorites: NCIS and Criminal Minds but this year I have a few new ones in the mix.  I am digging Tera Nova, Unforgettable, and the X Factor USA too.

I love watching all the talented people singing on stage…its so amazing to watch.  I always wished I could sing like that!  While I love many of  the people that have made it so far I have some clear favorites already….with such talent and adorable factors how could I not? lol

I loved Chris from his first performance, love his voice and personality…his story is amazing as well.  I think if he gets past some of his nerves he will do awesome!    As I sit here and listen to my X Factor youtube playlist I feel like a little school girl….I love listening to him talk as much as I love listening to him sing.  Crush much eh? lol

I love the uniqueness of Drew’s voice…I have not heard anything like it before.  Being a fan of Jewel and other strong female singers like her I think Drew’s voice is awesome.  Totally liked her version of “Baby” better than Justin’s!

I still can’t believe this guy is 60! He looks amazing for his age…wonder what his secret is?  Hopefully he will let us all in on it! 😉  I love his soulful voice…would love to hear him sing an Eric Clapton song.  I would buy his cd and put it on after a long day…and just sit and relax listing to his soft and soothing voice pushing all my stress away. 🙂

Now I will admit …when I first saw him come out onto stage I was not expecting his amazing voice at all.  I still laugh when I watch the video of his first performance and he tells them what he is going to sing and Simon goes “Really?” with that face. lol  Then as he goes on and that voice comes out you see his face change and light up.  I really like Josh, I love how he sings and adds in some raspy parts to it as well…it just feels so full of emotion.

All I can say about her is her voice is amazing! I would love to listen to a cd by her.  She is my husband’s ultimate favorite.  We could not believe it when she was sent home from the judges house.  So happy that Simon realized he made a mistake and brought her back, she def. deserves it.

I think this little cutie pie needs her very own Disney show…and of course…her very own bathroom too! 🙂

So looking forward to this week, I am sure they will all do amazing.  So glad I am not a judge and having to send people home.  I would be crying right along with them! lol

So what are your favorites and why do you love them? 🙂

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