I love crochet, and until this past fall most of my crochet pieces were for girls with the others being for our cute little fur babies aka our kitties 🙂  This fall I decided to share the crochet love with some of the awesome men in my life and worked out a quick and easy pattern for a basic ear warmer.  I wanted to do more to it like sew the guys initial in it or something to spice it up a bit but my husband told me that with guys keeping it simple is best.  😉

Thankfully I have a cute little girl who loves details and little extra things that spice up her outfits.  I def. get to use lots of creative things and little touches when it comes to creating and crafting for her.

This ear warmer is great because without going back and re joining your yarn you are able to get a smooth finish with the top and the bottom ending in a single crochet.  No having a chain edge on one edge or having to go back and re join your yarn to do a nice finished boarder.  Makes this ear warmer work up nice and quick.  Pattern works up so quick you can easily do a few of these in one day.  I plan on working on these throughout the spring to stock up for Christmas and holiday gifts next season. 🙂

Basic Ear Warmer Pattern

US Crochet Terms

Pattern is for Personal Use Only 

Stitches Used:

Chain {ch}

Single Crochet {sc}

Half Double Crochet {hdc}

Slip Stitch {sl st}

Things You Need:

Two balls of yarn, you will be holding two strands of yarn at the same time.  I used a soft stretchy yarn for mine.

10.00 mm hook

Yarn needle for weaving in ends

Chain 50

This is the size for a grown man, if you can, the best way to get the perfect custom fit is to try the chain on over their head.  You don’t want it too tight or too loose, you’re looking for a nice snug fit that feels comfy and cozy. 🙂  The number of chains does not matter.

Being careful not to twist your yarn, join into a circle.

{I didn’t turn after any of my rounds. }

Round 1:  ch 2 and hdc around

Join with a sl st in the ch 2 space of the beginning ch 2

Round 2:  ch 2 and hdc around

Join with a sl st in the ch 2 space of the beginning ch 2

Round 3:   ch 2 and hdc around

Join with a sl st in the ch 2 space of the beginning ch 2

Round 4:  ch 1 and sc around

Join with a sl st in the ch 1 space of the beginning ch 1

Chain 5

Right now as you are doing your ch 5, your piece should look like this.

After you ch 5, turn your piece so that the ch 5 part is opposite from what it is now.

Now, do a slip stitch into the chain space where you originally joined your ch 50 together to make a round.

It should look like this:

If you find that it pulls on the bottom too much when you bring your chain 5 up and join, simply chain one more.

Round 5:  ch 2 and hdc around

Join with a sl st in the ch 2 space of the beginning ch 2

Round 6:  Ch 2 and hdc around

Join with a sl st in the ch 2 space of  the beginning ch 2

Round 7:  ch 1 and sc around

Finish off with a sl st in the ch 1 space of the beginning ch 1 and weave in your ends and you are finished!  🙂

That little ch 5 will always be there on the inside but no one can tell when you are wearing it.  I just like the finished look you get when doing the pattern this way and I love that I don’t have to go back and re join my yarn.  Makes for less ends to weave in. 😉

Funny thing is, I made one for my husband for the holiday and now the weather here has been beautiful…windows in the house open…jeans and t~shirt weather.  So he has not gotten much use out of it.  Now that I write this the temp will prob. drop and it will be all my fault lol 😉


Usually on the first day back to school in the New Year I make a worksheet or two for Victoria to do as a recap of her last year.  Things like what was her favorite part, best memory, favorite food, ect.  I keep them in her keepsake binder and I every time I look at previous years I smile because its so cute to see how she has changed and what was important to her five years ago, four years ago, ect.    This year was a busy one for us, December especially, so I ended up getting my end of the year/beginning of the new year printables off of pinterest.

Even if your little one{s} are younger and can’t write yet, doing these are still a lot of fun.  I have some that I did when Victoria was three and four and I wrote in her answers for her.  Funny thing is, strawberries have always been on her favorites list for food since she was three.  That one answer has always been there, that and books/reading.   Things like your favorite movie/TV Show has def. changed…..she went from loving Oliva and Dora to loving Good Luck Charlie and anything Harry Potter.   I love the printable with the blue because the second sheet is for the parents to fill out and the child asks the questions.  I thought that was a pretty cute/fun concept, Victoria loved being the questionnaire. 🙂


The worksheets only take a short time to fill out but for us they are priceless because when she is all grown up we will have these to look back on from each year as a yearly journal of how she has changed and grown.  I am thinking about adding in a photo to each year as well.  One taken of the three of us, most likely from her birthday.  That way we can see how we all have changed 😉


Links to these printables can be found here:


and here:



This month we are studying elements and compounds in Science, Victoria is reading 11 Birthdays for Reading Comp., and we are still going through the colonial times in History{we are staying in that general time period all year}.

After two weeks off with sleeping in we are both def. tired this morning from getting back into our school routine.  Looks like coffee and I will be best buds today 😉


A quick New Years Eve Post! 🙂

A little while ago I saw a link to this blog:


on my awesome French friend’s site.

Check out her blog too, she is super sweet and fun to chat with and posts all sorts of great Crochet patterns 🙂


I spent over an hour easy looking at all the awesome patterns on The Royal Sister’s Blog….I think I went a little pin happy on there too. 😉

I have a whole list of patterns of  their’s that I want to make but started off with something for me as a little Christmas present to myself.

I made their Granny Rose Ring, pattern can be found here: http://theroyalsisters.blogspot.com/2011/11/grandma-rosie-ringstutorial.html

I rolled mine a little different.  I made it more full with more petals showing.

I also didn’t just glue my flower to the ring back.

After rolling my flower and sewing it together I put a little dab of hot glue on the ring back and pressed my flower to it.  My ring back had holes in it around the edges so I used matching thread and sewed the ring back to the flower to make it more secure.  You can find ring backs with holes around the edges online or in craft stores.  I got mine at Jo~Ann’s.

I also didn’t do the leaves.  I wanted to keep it simple.

I am planning on making another one with a thinner yarn and smaller hook for my daughter.  This one came out kinda big but its so fun and whimsical, I love it. 🙂


I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years! We are staying in and taking it easy and having some family fun.

Thinking about trying out this ring next and maybe putting a spin on it as well…thinking shells or maybe a mini bow.


And I can’t wait for this pattern to be back up because I love, love, love teacups and tea pots!



I love thrift store shopping…looking at all the vintage and retro pieces just makes me smile.  Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong time period because I love that stuff so much. 😉

Christmas weekend we saw lots of family and my wonderful Aunt showed me the cake stands she was making with vintage dishes.  They were adorable and so unique looking and I loved them as soon as I saw them.  This weekend when I went thrift store shopping I had that piece that she had made in the back of my mind.  While looking at all the goodies {and hoping to find unique pieces to make my own dish stands} I found this beauty:

I love the detail work and how unique this piece is.  I have seen things like this on the web and on pinterest while looking for vintage pieces and was so excited when I found a beauty of my own! 🙂

My luck continued because I found the perfect dishes to use to make my dish stands and unique pieces to use for the stand parts as well.  I was so excited to go home and make my dish stands ….the whole time we finished running around I was thinking about my dish stands and how they were going to look.  😉

What you need for this project:

Dishes {plates or bowls or even cups would work}

Sturdy pieces to use for your stands

E6000 Glue or similar Glue

Optional: Q ~ Tips for spreading the glue

Books to place onto your stand to hold the pieces together while they are drying.

Grab your plates and stands and lay them out on the table so you can decide how you want them to look.  I have three of  the same dishes this time around so I didn’t have to think much about it.  But if you have different dishes this is the time to place them on the stands and find that perfect fit.

The dishes I got have a nice flat area in the middle and they also have a  lip to keep things in.   For my stands I found two old school candle holders and another stand that was meant for candles.  My husband just took off the middle point piece that was meant to go into a candle to hold it steady on the holder.  If you see cool pieces always look to see if you can change something about the piece to make a new use for it. 🙂

Put your dish upside down.  Apply your glue to the edge of the piece{the part that will touch your dish when the dish is resting on it} you are using for your stand with a q~tip.

Place the stand onto the dish and use gentle pressure to push the stand to the dish.  Place a book or two {not to heavy because you don’t want to break your dish} onto the bottom of the stand to hold the two pieces together while the glue dries.

I didn’t take photos of this part because I didn’t want to risk getting that nasty glue on my camera. 😉

After you do all of your dishes and they are mostly dry.  Transfer them carefully to the garage, still upside down to dry.  The glue kinda smells so I like to let the pieces dry outside. 🙂

I can’t wait to give two of these as gifts.  I just love how they came out! 🙂

You can use them for so many things….

to hold your jewelry

to hold your sewing stuff while sewing

to hold your sponges by your sink

to hold a candle

so many possibilities!

I plan to use mine for my jewelry in the bathroom.  That way I can place my jewelry in there before cleaning up. You could also put it by your kitchen sink and place your jewelry in there before washing dishes to keep your jewelry nice and clean. 🙂

Hoping everyone has a wonderful new years weekend!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I was on an internet hiatus because our internet was not working right….still having some issues with the connection coming in and out but it is working right now…slowly but working all the same.  Hoping it lasts so I can finish up this post 🙂

I love cowls, I think they are beautiful looking, warm, and best of all they stay on you and don’t fall off like a scarf sometimes can.  I found a pattern on ravelry for a cowl with a hood and I loved it and thought that I would give it a try.  The pattern can be viewed here:


I made the first one as the pattern stated and I really liked it but thought it was too big for my liking.  By big I mean, it was really wide and would slide off my head.  It looked cute but on windy days it was not really practical unless you wanted to hold onto it.

So for the second version I made some modifications and I got this result:

This one stayed on my head better than the first one and was easier to work with meaning, the stitches were tighter so it would hold its shape better than the first one…that one was a little more ummmm floppy I guess would be the best word for it.  Beautiful, but floppy 🙂

I made a third slightly different than the second but that was a gift and I forgot to take photos before I gave it away.  I am going to give you the patterns for the way I did the two that are my favorites that I’ve made so that you can make either one with ease 🙂

Bella’s Versions of The Crimson Owl’s Convertible Cowl

Pattern is for personal use only.

What you need:

10.00 mm hook

2 balls of your favorite yarn {I used Simply Soft by Caron}

Yarn needle to weave in ends

Stitch marker

Stitches Used {US Crochet Terms}

Single Crochet {sc}

Half Double Crochet {hdc}

Double Crochet {dc}

Chain {ch}

Before you start you have to figure something out.

Do you want your cowl to look like the second version I showed or do you want it to look like something in the middle of the two versions?

The middle version is not as floppy as the first and not as form fitting as the second.  Its a nice in between. 🙂

If you are doing the middle version, every time I have a half double crochet listed you will be doing a double crochet.  If there is a double crochet listed you just do the double crochet as listed.   Do the single crochets as listed as well.  Any other instructions will be in the pattern as needed.

Using two strands of yarn held together

Ch 55 and join with a slip stitch into a circle.  Be careful not to twist your chain! 🙂

 Row 1:  ch 2 and double crochet around

~~~Here is one big difference in the way I did my cowl.  I didn’t join the rounds….I just keep going around .  This gives you a seamless piece.  Use a stitch marker to keep track of your rounds. ~~~

Rows 2 – 8:  dc  around using your stitch marker to keep track of your rounds.

Row 9:  sc  around

Rows 10 – 17:  hdc around using your stitch marker to keep track of your rounds

{if you are doing the middle version of the cowl remember that you will be doing dc instead of hdc for these rows}

Extra row:  If you are doing the hdc version then do an extra row of hdc around after completing row 17.  If you are doing the dc version skip this row and move onto row 18 🙂

Row 18:  sc around

Rows 19 – 24:   hdc around using your stitch marker to keep track of your rounds.

{if you are doing the middle version of the cowl remember that you will be doing dc instead of hdc for these rows}

Finishing Row:  sc around  in the outside loops only, this gives it a nice finished look.

Weave in your ends and you are finished! 🙂

It looks like this when you are finished:

In this photo the bottom is mostly dc, this was my piece I was working with the modifications for the cowl.  As you can see there are no seams, I just wanted to show you that it does go in a bit at the two rows you do the single crochets so you would know what to look for.  It gives it a nice layers look when you wear it as a cowl. 🙂

I made a couple of these for gifts this holiday, and I thought I would share the label idea I had because it worked so well for me 🙂

I found this free design on pinterest, it was under vintage mailing labels.   Since I am not on my computer right now I can’t access the link but if you look up free mailing/envelope labels things like this should hopefully pop up on your pinterest too. 🙂

I wrote my shop name for my etsy shop on in one side {did this in photoshop} and the directions for washing on the other {also in photoshop}.

Printed it on card stock and then folded it in half.

Then I hole punched it and strung it through a nice thick yarn to tie around the folded cowl.

I try and go as eco friendly as I can with packaging.  I find that scraps of yarn are perfect to tie around a folded piece to keep it together and add a bow and tag to.

I want to make one of these for my daughter {she wants them for her AG dolls too 😉  If you wanted to change the size it would just be a matter of making the beginning chain shorter or longer.  Just be sure to measure around the head of the person after the first round when making those adjustments. 🙂

I saw this tradition on a couple blogs that I read from moms in Aussie and fell in love with this idea.  We don’t usually wrap gifts in our house unless they are for people outside our family of three.  Even then I try and use bags that can be recycled or reused when gift giving.  So normally on Christmas morning our daughter would wake up and see her gifts stacked up in a neat pile waiting to be sorted through …..my husband and I waiting to hear squeals of delight.  🙂

This year we are starting a new tradition, using a Santa Sack as our holder for our daughter’s Christmas Gifts.

Victoria helped me sew this sack up….we made it extra big because she thought it would be super funny if she could fit inside it lol

All you have to do is sew a sack like you would a pillow case…its really easy to whip up. 🙂

I am planning on making a girly girl fun one for birthday gifts too.  I am hoping in starting this tradition with her that she will share it will her children one day.

I don’t want to go all eco on everyone on why we do what we do with not wrapping ….long story short:

We don’t feel comfortable with how much garbage is accumulated on Christmas with all the present opening and would rather not take part in that.  This Santa Sack is perfect because it allows for some fun and festiveness all with keeping our eco values in mind.  🙂

My cute little Christmas helper….or as she calls it, my Christmas elf lol 🙂

If you are a good sewer you could totally do this in under an hour…for someone like me who is just okay it took me a couple of hours but that is probably because of all the giggle parties Victoria and I were having and because I can’t bend over my sewing machine too long because of my back.

Hoping to inspire at least one person to make one of these for next year.

We can change the world and make a difference one person at a time.

Because that person can inspire someone …and so on and so on.

A chain of infections goodness!


After making pumpkin chocolate chips cookies this year for the first time I was hooked on pumpkin and was on the hunt for more recipes that use pumpkin.

The pumpkin mixed with cinnamon taste was kinda addicting in a way and I wanted to replicate that taste in a more healthy option.

I found a recipe for pumpkin waffles and just had to try it out.

One of my favorite parts is that you can freeze them for later on. 🙂

Okay…first things first.  Please don’t judge my silly looking waffles.  lol 🙂  My husband usually makes them and he is a waffle making pro.  Me on the other hand …..not so much lol  It was my first time using our waffle maker and I must admit, the top was really heavy for me and I did have a hard time using it.  So that is why mine look kinda silly.  But don’t let the looks fool you, these were so yummy!

Recipe from:


Pumpkin Waffles

2 1/2 Cups All Purpose Flour
1/3 Cup Light Brown Sugar
2 1/2 Tsp Baking Powder
1 Tsp Baking Soda
1/2 Tsp Salt
2 Tsp Ground Cinnamon {I used 2 1/2 Tsp of cinnamon because we love it!}
1 Tsp Ground Ginger
4 Eggs
1 Cup Milk (I used rice milk)
1 Cup Buttermilk (I used low fat)
1 Cup Pumpkin Puree
6 Tbsp Butter, melted

Preheat your waffle iron.

Mix the Four, Sugar, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Salt, Cinnamon, and Ginger in a bow by sifting.

In a separate bowl, whisk the remaining ingredients.

Whisk  the dry ingredients into the wet.

Pour a half of a cup into a waffle iron that has been preheated and greased.  {This is where I messed up….I added a little too much  the first couple of times because it looked like It needed more….should have just stuck with the recipe 😉 }

Cook according to your waffle iron’s directions.

Serve warm with syrup or fruit.

These come out softer than a regular waffle that we have cooked before but they were so moist and flavorful.

I stuck them in the oven at 250 for ten mins after I cooked them up {after the photo} and they firmed up nice.  Possibly I should have left them in the waffle maker longer but I didn’t want to risk burning them….like I said, it was my first time. 😉

I let them cool off and then wrapped them in groups of three with plastic wrap and then placed the wrapped groups in labeled freezer bags for easy dinner and breakfast options through the weeks.

The recipe says that you can reheat them in a toaster or in the oven at 300 for about ten mins or until heated through.

We ate ours with fresh sliced bananas today for lunch and they were so yummy.  I didn’t even need to use syrup because they had such a great taste and were still moist after I warmed them up in the toaster this morning.

Just wanted to share a quick and easy recipe that can be made in big batches and then stored in the freezer for easy use when you are a busy mom or person.

This week is shaping up to be super busy for me….can’t wait to see family and friends for the holidays!!