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This pattern is part of a set that I am selling on etsy.  Since the headband/ear warmer goes so well with this shawl I throw in this headband/ear warmer pattern as an extra free of charge.  I have made quite a few of these headbands/ear warmers for my daughter and for her friends and they are always a big hit.

I love how quick and easy they are to work up, you will be making  these in all sorts of colors for every American Girl Doll outfit your little one has in no time.  Not like I know that from experience or anything 😉   Every time Victoria gets a new outfit for her dolls she always asks if she can get a new headband to match it {stash colors permitting of course! 🙂 }

This headband/ear warmer can have a fancy, vintage feel with a delicate yarn or a more natural cozy feel with a thicker yarn.

For this pattern you will need:

Your yarn of choice, when I first wrote this pattern I just used yarn out of my stash of my favorite blends.  You can make a couple out of each ball of yarn depending on the size of the ball.

My favorite yarn for this {and most projects} is Naturally Caron Spa or Country Blend

4.00 mm Crochet Hook

Yarn needle

Pattern is Written in US Crochet Terms

Pattern is for personal use only. 

Half Double Crochet (hdc)

Double Crochet (dc)

Single Crochet (sc)

Slip Stitch

chain (ch)

This pattern will give you directions on how to create the headband and the ear warmer for an American Girl Doll.  Its just a simple matter of rows. 🙂

To Start:

Ch 42 and being careful not to twist your yarn, join your ends to create a circle.

Round 1:

ch 2

hdc around

Join with a slip stitch in the ch 2 space of the beginning ch 2

If you are making the headband version stop here and go on to round 4.  If you are making the ear warmer, continue onto round 2 and complete all rows. 

When you use the country blend by Naturally Caron it comes out a little fuller looking due to the fact that the yarn is thicker than the spa blend.  I used the same hook for both.

Round 2:

ch 2


hdc around

Join with a slip stitch in the ch 2 space of the beginning ch 2

Round 3:

repeat round 2

Round 4:

ch 1


sc into the ch 1 space

skip 2, 6 dc in the next, skip 2

* sc, skip 2, 6 dc in the next, skip 2*

repeat this pattern all the way around and end with a sc right next to the first sc you did in the ch 1 space

You’re finished!! Knot your yarn, weave in your ends and get ready to hear squeals of delight ….that is what happens in our house when I make new things for Victoria or her dolls.  She adores homemade gifts which totally melts my heart. 🙂

The shawl above is done in a thinner yarn {spa blend by naturally caron} and a 4.00 mm hook

The ear warmer in this photo is turned the other way with the shells in the front instead of in the back like the headband photo.

I wanted to show the difference in how a change of yarn can look…this one with the thinner yarn looks more delicate, vintage, and is a lot more stretchy.

The shawl above is done in a thicker yarn {country blend by naturally caron} and a 4.00 mm hook

Being a thicker yarn, it looks fuller than the shawl in the other photos.  To me, this one has more of a natural feel while the other has more of a fancy feel.  Changing the yarns can change up the whole look of a piece.  I love that about crocheting. 🙂

I finished a cowl pattern for Victoria tonight and when she tried it on she was already using her imagination with it for pretend play, it was so cute to watch.  I will be doing a post on that soon 🙂  Its another one of those patterns that works up really quick ….story of my crochet life at the moment. 😉

If you like the shawl pattern, its available in my etsy shop, just click the cool button that looks like this:

in my side bar.  So thankful to the awesome forums for teaching me how to install that today.  🙂

Thanks to  for the cool button download!

The direct link to the shawl pattern is:

Hope you enjoy the pattern and it brings some joy to a doll lover in your life 🙂

If you make one, I would love to see the finished product.  You can put  a link to it in the comments section. :)


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